Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Make Enough of Me" Music Video

Watch my one and only music video "Make Enough of Me" online. My friend Butch Adams (photographer/videographer/editor) and I shot this one day a few of years ago. Enjoy!

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Hoffman Crew said...

hey, Julie, your song "Make enough of me.." was a very special answer to prayer when the school year was starting up and I felt anxious and inadequate with my 8 children and stake president, doctor husband to keep up with. i didn't think i could do it. on the first morning of school i sat down for a quick devotional and found, "as to my strength I am weak... but in the Lord's strength I can do all things and then this song, on your cd that was playing began and i listened to every word and knew it was our Father in Heaven telling me it was ok. he'd make me enough. thank you Julie for being "an instrument of the Lord." Love, C.