Friday, February 27, 2009

Your FAQ's...

Q: I'm trying to find the CD or song_________. Where can I purchase it?
A: ITunes! Most of my CD's are currently out of print but all are available for download HERE.
(Except for "Julie" circa 1988 which is better left in the 80's cassette era!)

Q: The most common questions is "Where can I get sheet music for your song __________?"
A: Unfortunately, very few of my songs have been published in sheet music or songbooks. Here are the songs/songbooks that are currently available.
Keeper of the Flame
Hands of Heaven
Window to His Love

Take Me There
Feel The Fire

Also currently available for purchase & download online:

Q: Do you have performance tracks (instrumental music with out the vocals) available?
A: Yes, but only for the CD "Home". Instrumental performance tracks are available for download at

Q: I have a songbook that is out of print. Will you give me permission to make copies?
A: I actually can't give you the permission because Deseret Book owns the copyrights. They will need to give you permission to make copies sheet music or of recorded songs. Contact DB for copyright info here!

Q: "I'm trying to find contact information for your Dad, Lex." or "I need to track down a cassette that I had on my mission that was produced by your Dad in 1975."
A: Probably not, but you can email my Dad directly.

Q: Are you related to the people who produce "Signing Time!" DVD's?
A: Yes! I'm a huge fan, and not only because my 2 sisters produce it!"

Q: Will you come and do a concert or speak at our ______ event? How do I schedule you?
A: Yes, but it depends on the event. In order to limit time away from my family, I am only speaking/singing for larger women's groups giving a presentation called "Preventing Emotional Burnout: Secrets to Self-Care for Women." To schedule this presentation email me!

Q: What's your favorite CD that you've produced?
A: Dive Deep, the one that very few people have ever heard of.

Q: Are you the therapist Julie Hanks?
A: yup, that's me.
Did I miss any of your questions? If so, please post a comment!